Start investment

Start investing


If you have savings (500 GEL or more), you can invest a better way with "Direct (PirDaPir)" loans.

We bring together borrowers with investors (lenders) willing to lend money and receive benefits such as high rates and reliability.

To register with "Direct (PirDaPir)" as an investor you must:

  • Be 18 years old or more;
  • Represent an Individual or legal entity;
  • Possess a personal ID and bank account number;
  • Be able to deposit 500 GEL into your “PirDaPir” account, which you can later put towards investments (you can withdraw the money as well).

You can view loan applicants in the “View Loans” section of the webpage. You, then,  have the opportunity to select your preferred option based on interest rate, term, loan amount as well as other criteria.

The minimum possible investment (loan) amount is 50 GEL.

Each borrower's loan request has a 5-day period during which investors can fund it. If the loan manages more than 70%, but has yet to receive 100%  funding towards the required  amount, the period may be extended  another 5 days.

Once a loan is fully funded, and the borrower receives the money, you will receive your percentage of each monthly payment made by the borrower according to the payment schedule.