Loan conditions

Terms and Conditions


"PirDaPir" does not have any hidden fees. Our web site is free to register with and there are no application fees. The only fees come once your loan is funded.

Each loan application is assigned a quality rating by “PirDaPir” administrators, and is assessed using “PirDaPir”’s proprietary scoring model”. The model takes to consideration multiple factors including: the applicant’s demographic, financial status, and credit history along with other aspects. Ratings vary from A to D (with A being the highest and D being the lowest rating).

Credit Scores explained below:

Rating Expected interest Rate Rating meaning for recommendation purposes
A 15-21% Probability of overdue payments and investor losses is very low
B 22-32% Probability of overdue payments and investor losses is low
C 33-47% Probability of overdue payments is medium, probability of investor losses – medium
D 48-69% Probability of overdue payments or investor losses is medium

These ratings are used to define interest rates, for investor information and recommendation purposes only. PirDaPir does not take responsibility for defining exact probabilities of loan repayment or the actual reimbursement of any loan.

Borrowing Fee

Borrowing fees equal 5% of the loan amount charged from the principle of the loan to be received by the borrowers. For long term loans: an additional 1% is charged for every additional six month period, beyond the original 18 month maturity (i.e. 5%+1%). Theis fee is charged if the loan is fully funded and disbursed.

A commission is deducted from the principal loan. For example:, if you take out a one year loan of 1,000 GEL, after deducting the aforementioned fee,s 950 GEL will be transferred to your account.