Website Terms of Use

Welcome to Through our site you can obtain a loan at a low interest rate as well invest your financial resources with a high return. Website Terms of Use (hereinafter referred to as “Terms") defines the rules and terms for using The rules cover and set out Terms for “Direct Investment Systems” JSC (hereinafter referred to as the “Company"), which is the administrator of this website and for you (hereinafter referred to as the “customer"). The terms of use apply regardless of whether you are registered as a borrower or investor. Please be aware of this and carefully review these Terms. It is assumed that by visiting the website, as well as by consuming any services offered on the website, that you agree with these Terms and the related rights and responsibilities. Consumption infers agreement; no other additional action, including your signature, is required to prove your agreement with the Terms. 

  1. Pre-provisions

1.1. On through the electronic portal a user should be able to make a deal with the borrower/investor profile.

1.2. Investor profiles can be created by any capable adult individual and a legal entity registered in accordance with the law.

1.3. A borrower profile can be created by any capable person of full age and legal entities registered in Georgia.

1.4. After registering, customers have the opportunity to submit an application for a loan and, after registering as an investor, the consumer has a chance to finance loans. All the portal services are available for users in exchange for a fee. Commission and payment terms are determined by the contract with the borrower and the investor.

1.5. The borrower/investor profile registration means that the user agrees to these Terms and Conditions, information security regulations and the required fee.

1.6. When visiting the web-site through the registered profiles or while using the service, it is believed that the registered consumer has visited the website using a customer profile. The consumer (user) is responsible for any and all access to the web site and for profile uses, even if it is done by others without their consent. The rights and obligations arising from such actions are assigned to the registered customers.

1.7. Customers must notify the Company immediately if they become aware of the unauthorized use of his/her profile as performed by a third party.

  1. User Profile

2.1. Each person may register once with full borrower or investor rights. Should the a person be found to have already registered with two or more user profiles, as a creditor/investor, the Company shall be entitled to immediately dissolve any or all of the aforementioned profiles.

2.2. Registration of a legal entity must be performed by its Director.

2.3. For website registration, a borrower (the user) must have an active account in any Georgia based bank in the national currency (Georgian Lari) and an active e-mail address.

2.4. To register as an investor the user should have an active account in any commercial bank in national currency (Georgian Lari) and an active e-mail address.

2.5. The user must register on the website by creating a “user name” and password. The borrower can see the “current agreement contract” while requesting a loan, and the investor, may then do so once they have offered to finance the loan. After the loan is issued, an agreement is sent via e-mail to both parties.

2.6 Any person interested in creating a user profile, must provide accurate, correct and complete information when registering.

  1. Obtaining data and protection

3.1. Obtaining a customer’s personal data and the protection thereof is determined by the terms and conditions as defined in the borrower/investor contract.

3.2. The user is obliged to provide the Company with all requested information. Basic information is provided on the Registration page by filling in the corresponding fields. The company is also authorized to request, and the user is responsible to provide additional information. The customer will be notified in the manner provided for in paragraph 7 of these terms and conditions, regarding the additional information. The User is responsible for the data given to the Company and/or for the accuracy of this information.

3.3. The Company has the right, but not the obligation to apply to “Credit info-Georgia”, the Public Service Development Agency, Ministry of Internal Affairs, MIA Service Agency, as well as any administrative body, private or public legal entities, banking institutions, including the banks, where the customer has an account, as well as other institutions and organizations, to obtain any information related to the consumer and process said information.

3.4. In order to determine and verify the accuracy of the information provided, the Company is entitled, but not obliged, to apply to any arrangement permitted by law, by the terms of this document and/or by the borrower/investor agreement contract.

3.5. The Company is not responsible for the accuracy of the information provided by users.

3.6. The User confirms that the information provided does not infringe the rights of third parties.

3.7. Users are obliged to protect the information obtained through the website, do not use or disclose it to third parties in order to cause harm, or other illegal activity related to the terms/conditions referring to the borrower/investor agreement in the contract.

3.8. The Company is entitled to modify or remove information provided by customer (including personal messages), which violates these Terms and Conditions.

3.9. If a User’s transaction totals more than 30,000 GEL, as well as if there is a reasonable suspicion that they are using the portal for illegal purposes or the user’s real address or place of residence is a country or territory, which according to Georgian legislation is considered a non-cooperative zone, or there is any reason to suspect that it was made for the purpose of money laundering, the information about this transaction and the parties may be submitted to the relevant authorities.

3.10. If the Company determines that the customer is related to any known terrorist organization, it is entitled to inform the relevant bodies in the Georgian Legislature.

  1. General rules of conduct

4.1. Customers should base only on these terms and conditions and according to the borrower/investor contract.

4.2. Users must not post on the website or on the user’s profile any information that violates any person or company’s copyright, patent, trademarks, trade secrets or other proprietary or intellectual property. If the disclosure of such information or material contradicts to Georgian Legislation then the User must refrain from sharing said material.

4.3. The User agrees to refrain from all of the following actions:

4.3.1. Any illegal advertising activity on the website or web-related operations;

4.3.2. Uploading to the website, distributing or printing any illegal objective for underage people which could cause adverse effects.

4.3.3. Harmful actions against the expected operation of the website or services, or other threats with the aim to alter the program’s source code (including operational activities, methods, processes, and infrastructure), on which is the website is based and operates through;

4.3.4. Attempt to enter protected parts of website or service, outside of the user’s mandate;

4.3.5. Spread or distribution of any kind of abusive programs ("worm", "Trojan horse", "virus", "spyware", "carding", etc.);

4.3.6. Use of the website or any service to create unwanted spam;

4.3.7. Any automatic or manual process conducted to obtain or search information through’s web page, or for the purpose of interfering with the operation of the website and its services;

4.3.8. Fraudulently representing yourself to the Company or other Users;

4.3.9. Using the portal to insult other persons or the use of obscene language toward them. 

  1. The scope of the company's liability

5.1. The company is not a representative for customer (borrower and/or investor).

5.2. The company does not endorse any of the customers.

5.3. The company only handles the information provided by the users, then processes and makes this information available to other users, in accordance with these terms and conditions.

5.4. The company is not responsible for the accuracy of information posted on the website, although it is allowed by law to seek any means of verifying the accuracy of information provided by users, should this step become necessary.

5.5. The company does not provide payment for the loan and therefore is not responsible for repayment of the loan.

5.6. The User is responsible for any and all tax obligations.

5.7. The Company is not responsible for computer, or mobile device damage caused by the user or any third party with regards to the user's downloading of any information caused by using the website or software.

5.8. The Company is not responsible for mistakes, assumptions, faults, freezes or delay in data processing and transmission. Nor is company liable for the theft of materials or destruction and unauthorized access on the site, or for the disorder of telephone networks, computer systems, servers and providers, computer equipment or telephone software, e-mail address/e-mail device with regard to their technical services and shortcomings.

5.9. The Company shall be entitled, without notice, to suspend or restrict access to the Website or any of its services. At the same time the company is not liable for any damage which may be incurred to the customer for such actions.

5.10. The Company will not be liable for any damages, including, not only with respect to actual lost income in the form of damages, but also damage causing the tarnish of business’s reputation tarnished caused by online services or for the inability to access the customer's authorized website and services. If the possibility of such damage was apparent or suspected, the Company still is not liable.

5.11. User acknowledges that the company's liability limits are specified in this paragraph and has agreed with the previous statement.

  1. Force Majeure

6.1. Both parties are free from the responsibilities of the terms and conditions agreed before, should any breach of the Terms be breached by a Force Majeure situation.

6.2. Force Majeure is defined as a moment of unavoidable and unstoppable force, which happens independently, without the will of either party and is a known possibility, including: earthquakes, floods, fires, war, or other circumstances which make it impossible to fulfill the obligations under these terms and conditions or causes unreasonable costs in its execution.

6.3. If one of the parties fails to perform its obligations due to Force Majeure the party has to notify, within a reasonable time, but no-later than 5 days after the occurrence of the circumstances, the other party of their situation. Otherwise, it will not be released from its obligations to the relevant parties.

6.4. Each Party’s responsibilities and commitments are to be reactivated after the Force Majeure has been resolved.

  1. Communication

7.1. Users can communicate with the company through the selected e-mail or by sending a message via the User’s profile message box on the website.

7.2. If necessary, the customer is entitled to reach out to the company's registered address.

7.3. The company's communication with customers is usually performed through the user’s profile message box/sending message notifications to the specified e-mail address.

7.4. The Company is authorized to send a message to the address of the legal entity registered in a Business Registry’s e-mail address and to send a short message through telephone communication.

7.5. The notification shall be considered to have been delivered to the customer, once it has entered the user’s profile Mailbox when sending to e-mail address, or once an SMS has been delivered to the user’s mobile phone, as indicated for telephone communication, or by having sent it to the specified address as indicated by the user.

  1. Disputes and Resolution

8.1. The Company shall be entitled, but not obliged, to control or to take any measure, it deems necessary, to resolve disputes between the Company and the Users or consumers.

8.2. Any dispute arising from these terms and related agreements referring to the cancellation, termination or the nullification of the contract or to the withdrawal from the agreement along with any relevant results may be solved in court following Georgian legislation.

  1. Changes and additions to the terms of website use

9.1. The company is entitled to unilaterally modify the conditions at any time, without prior notice to users.

9.2. The Latest edition of the Web Site’s Terms and Conditions is posted on the website. For every visit of the website and the use of the portal services updated version of the Terms and Conditions is operating, which is available on the website.

9.3. Users are obliged to consistently monitor the website and the information sent to them. Otherwise, the Company will not be liable for any misunderstanding or delayed results.

9.4. After the publication of any revised edition on the website, use of the portal by the user automatically implies that the user has read and agreed to the changes. If the user does not agree to any change, he/she shall cease his/her use of the portal.

9.5. Any user, who is registered as a borrower or investor, additional changes are sent regarding the  rules outlined in the fourth paragraph of the 7th section. The further use of the website will be considered consent to all amendments.