About the Company

JSC "Direct Investment Systems" (PirdaPir.ge) was created in 2014. The concept is developed according to US Based Online platform lendingclub.com

PirdaPir.ge’s mission is to connect Borrowers and Lenders through a user-friendly platform and promote mutually beneficial relationships between them.

The platform is a direct alternative to banks. Its goal is for consumers to obtain loans at low cost and for lenders to use their capital in a profitable manner.

PirdaPir.ge is available for individuals and companies to register as borrowers and create loan applications, or register as investors and fund said loan applications.

PirdaPir.ge’s main values are:

Transparency - transparency regarding our operations is of the utmost importance. We are establishing principle transparency on the platform in order to enable users to obtain full and accurate information.

Trust - it is important for us to gain and maintain the trust of our customers. Our team works towards this on a daily basis.

Fairness - Our business is based on fairness and delivering on promises.

About the Team

The PirdaPir.ge team consists of highly qualified professionals who have multiple years experience in commercial and investment banks.