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Frequently Asked Questions

How It Works

How it works


"Direct(Pirdapir)" - this is an online platform where borrowers meet Investors (lenders).

The "Direct(Pirdapir)" model is more efficient than a bank or a microfinance organization, both sides are rewarded: low interest rates for Borrowers and high returns for Lenders.

Those hoping to submit a loan application online should proceed with the following steps:

  1. Registration;
  2. Authorization and account number synchronization;
  3. Completion of the application and final submission;
  4. Interest Rate and Rating assessment via “PirDaPir”’s platform; acceptance or rejection.

The platform takes the following actions:

  1. Borrower and Investor verification;
  2. Loan application verification;
  3. Assessment and assignment of interest rate and rating to loan applications;
  4. Posting loan application on the platform.

Investor / Lender should perform the following actions:

  1. Registration and verification;
  2. Linking the account and depositing GEL 500 to the account for further use;
  3. Reviewing loan applications;
  4. Selecting and funding loan applicants.

Loan applications will be placed on the platform for 5 days. Loans may be funded individually or by several simultaneous investors.

The investor and the borrower pay the amount stated by the platform using the following methods:

  1. Credit/Debit Card via;
  2. Express Pay boxes using their Personal Identification number;
  3. Transfer totheir Pirdapir account at Bank of Georgia (Account No GE31BG0000000790917300) or TBC Bank (Account No GE60TB7709136020100002), by using your name, surname and personal identification number (or the unique code);
  4. Visit any Bank of Georgia or TBC Bank branch and deposit the money to your PirDaPir account using your name, surname and the personal identification number (or the unique code).

Failure to repay the loan in a timely manner will result in:  the Borrower's credit history being tarnished and the case will be transferred to a collection agency and court of law should recovery prove problematic.

About us

About the Company

JSC "Direct Investment Systems" ( was created in 2014. The concept is developed according to US Based Online platform’s mission is to connect Borrowers and Lenders through a user-friendly platform and promote mutually beneficial relationships between them.

The platform is a direct alternative to banks. Its goal is for consumers to obtain loans at low cost and for lenders to use their capital in a profitable manner. is available for individuals and companies to register as borrowers and create loan applications, or register as investors and fund said loan applications.

Borrowers about us

Gela Kharitonov
I would like to thank ‘’’’ for giving me opportunity to repay the high interest online credit and improve my financial situation with it's acceptable rate
Nino Kobaidze
"" is very convenient for me. I like the possibility of being able settling financial problems online, directly from workplace. I'm using this service for the second time and will confidently advise it to anyone else.

Investors about us

Nukri Tetrashvili
I find the concept of the company very interesting and attractive. it gives you possibility to invest money with high interest rate, while at the same time you are able to diversify and control your risks. Besides all these, I'm happy that with my investments I'm given a chance to help people who are striving to reach their goals and improve financial situation.


  • JSC "Direct Investment Systems"
  • I/C 404463086
  • Business center "Green Office", D. AgmaShenebeli Ave. 154
    0112 Tbilisi, Georgia
  • (+995 32) 2552727